Interoperable and tested in combat

Ideal to tackle traditional or asymmetrical threats, the RAFALE has been designed to be operated, either autonomously or in joint operations with allies, as recently demonstrated in major exercises in the USA, from airbases or onboard US carriers, where the engaged RAFALE demonstrated outstanding interoperability.

Operational in the French Navy since 2004 and in the French Air Force since 2006, the RAFALE of the French forces have been engaged in various campaigns over Afghanistan and recently in Libya, in the most severe environmental conditions :

  • from the Charles de Gaulle carrier in the warm seas of the Indian Ocean or of the Mediterranean sea
  • from the high altitude rough airfields of the Himalaya or the desert of Libya,

And have shown exceptional reliability and ability to successfully perform the whole spectrum of fighter missions: Air defence, Long Range Strike, Maritime Strike, Reconnaissance and SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defences).

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