Rafale International is a consortium consisting of DASSAULT AVIATION, THALES and SAFRAN AICRAFT ENGINES three leading international aerospace companies who are the designers of the RAFALE combat aircraft.
By responding to the invitation of the Indian Authorities to compete in the frame of a call for tenders to equip the Indian Air Force with a state-of-the-art fighter aircraft, RAFALE International firmly intended to :

  • extend the 6 decades partnership shared with the Indian Forces;
  • enhance the strong and fruitful cooperation existing with the Indian industry.

RAFALE International is committed to strongly supporting the development of Indian capabilities as well as its technological capabilities.

Ever since TOOFANI aircraft were first acquired by India in 1953 (first export contract ever for Dassault Aviation), and up to the MIRAGE 2000 in current operation today with the Air Force, India & France have already enjoyed a longstanding relationship.

In the field of combat aircraft: from TOOFANI throughout the MYSTERE, the ALIZE, the JAGUAR aircraft and the Mirage 2000 nowadays, French aircraft have always taken part to the Indian history serving the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy over the years and the wars.

RAFALE International sees the RAFALE for India as much more than a mere acquisition process. It is the opportunity to develop a large scale strategic partnership and industrial and technological cooperation between India & France.

The RAFALE contract is also totally supported by the strong political commitment of France towards India in all fields of Defence cooperation.

This is clearly demonstrated by the full clearance given by the French authorities to the export of RAFALE aircraft to India and to the transfer of the production license as well as all related technologies.

RAFALE International commitment is based on the following strategic outlook:

  • Opening of a unique opportunity for technological & industrial cooperation between France & India,
  • Fulfillment of all the Indian Force’s operational requirements, with the omnirole RAFALE,
  • Providing a solid and well structured program to ensure entire security to the Indian investment.

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