Data links theatre - wide information sharing

Data links allow sharing a common tactical picture between wingmen, and between the formation and command and control centres.

They bring superior situation awareness to all participants, encompassing air, sea and ground components of the forces.

Through the data fusion process, they bring even more to the RAFALE, actually placing it in a different league with a true battle management capability.

The net-centric capability of the RAFALE hinges on its open architecture, its data fusion software and its compatibility with a variety of data links, which “plug” the RAFALE into the integrated battlespace.

A secure high-rate data link is provided to share data in combined air operations in real time with other aircrafts in the formation, airborne and surface command and control centres, tactical air controllers or other friendly assets. The Link 16 data link is also available to those customers cleared to operate it.

As a net-centric capable asset, the RAFALE can exchange images. The Rover (“Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver”) is an element of this capability which allows aircrews and forward air controllers on the ground to share videos or images of the target. It helps prevent blue-on-blue incidents and collateral damage, a decisive advantage in peacekeeping operations.

The RAFALE’s interoperability, as part of a multinational operation, has been demonstrated on countless occasions, and link 16 as well as non-NATO solutions can be provided to meet various customers’ requirements.

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