Data Fusion - A Clear Picture of the tactical situation

Based on the processing power of the MDP U modular mission computer, the data fusion performs the number crunching on data provided by the AESA radar, the FSO optronic system, the SPECTRA electronic warfare system, the data links, the IFF (friend-foe identification) interrogator and the infra-red missile seekers.

The data fusion yields a simplified and consolidated tactical picture, showing correlated system tracks rather than separate sensor and data link tracks. Workload alleviation, clarification of the tactical situation and fratricide risk reduction are the most immediate benefits for the RAFALE pilot.

Implementation of the “multi-sensor data fusion” into the RAFALE translates into accurate, reliable and strong tracks, uncluttered displays, reduced pilot workload, quicker pilot response, and eventually into increased situational awareness.

It is a full automated process carried out in three steps:

1. Establishing consolidated track files and refining primary information provided by the sensors,

2. Overcoming individual sensor limitations related to wavelength / frequency, field of regard, angular and distance resolution, etc, by sharing track information received from all the sensors,

3. Assessing the confidence level of consolidated tracks, suppressing redundant track symbols and decluttering the displays.

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