Optronic - Passive long distance identification

The internal Front Sector Optronics (FSO) provides a tele-lens picture of the target (ground or airborne) with range measured by the incorporated laser.

The covert approach capability of the FSO is especially valuable in air policing and intercepts, where the TV picture of the target provides early visual identification and detection of suspect manoeuvres.

Developed by THALES, the “Front Sector Optronics” (FSO) system is fully integrated into the Aircraft. Operating in the optronic wavelengths, it is immune to radar jamming and it provides covert long-range detection and identification, high resolution multi-target angular tracking and laser range-finding for air, sea and ground targets.

With its narrow field, the visible waveband capability is truly valuable to identify targets in situations where visual contact is required by the rules of engagement.

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